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Welcome to the HydraCraft Store
We accept payments through PayPal.
Refund Policy
All payments are final. We offer no refunds, no exceptions whatsoever.
Attempting to chargeback or opening a PayPal dispute will result in a permanent ban from the network. This means that you will be permanently banned with no chance of appeal.
Attempting to purchase an unban package will not work for chargeback and/or dispute violations.
How can I make sure my purchase is successful?
Fill in your IGN exactly as it is in-game
Make sure you fill out your checkout information correctly
Please wait 10-15 minutes for your purchase to go through
I didn't receive my package — what do I do?
Please wait an additional 10-15 minutes
Navigate to our Discord Server and create a support ticket
I logged on and it says I was banned? What do I do?
Navigate to our forums and create an appeal
Purchase an unban from the "Unbans" category of our store
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